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Intuitive, useable, software

This was my first App experience on my iPod Touch and I was able to figure out basic useage very quickly and now I am working on some of the more advanced abilities of the product. The side by side display is quite usefull and alows the reader to see two columns of biblical text, side by side. The search feature is very efficient and red lettering a real bonus. Even note number references, when touched, are elaborated. I havent compared this product with others but my wife has a free bible App on her iPod and she prefers to use mine...guess I have a good hint for her next Christmas gift!

Love it

Love how easy and handy it is.

Great app!

I love how easy this is to use and the ability to have multiple translations available. This app is valuable for comparing translations and is easy to navigate. I tried the free apps but it is worth purchasing this app and it is refreshing to feel I got a lot more for my money than expected. Buy it today! - you will be blessed.

Wonderful app

Awesome. Just wish I could figure out how to make margin notes while reading passages

Like it !

So far so good. I am enjoying the easy access to the Bible where ever I am.

Review of app

I am enjoying this application tremendously. Have not used the margin notes capability but love having quick access to the scriptures at all times. Ability to read at night, memorization etc.

Matt 1: 22

Very good

Love this version

So easy to understand, a pleasure to read. :)

Easy to use!!

I love being able to take my bible with me on my phone anywhere I go. Its easy to use and reliable! Price is good too! Thank you :)

Very Good

I have enjoyed the ease of using this bible app.

Exactly what I was looking for

I downloaded a lot of Bible apps. Most tried to have too many additional tools which overshadowed the basic functions, or they were so basic that you couldnt make changes or do searches like you wanted to. The search and browse features on this app are easy and straightforward. I was refreshed to find and enjoy using this app.

Good news

I love having the NLT on my iPad. Awesome!

The best Ive tried

Love it!


Well done. Easy to use.


Great! Easy to use, fast, has everything i need. Well done!

Review of Bible

I use this Bible for reading at church and studies so no matter what lighting Im dealing with I can see. I have two different Bibles on my IPad however I always use your because of the ease and speed in which I can get to a particular passage. Its just the best and easiest to use. My one complaint is that it only gives me 1 chapter at a time.....Id prefer to be able to find a verse and read before and after its chapter without having to go to contents again.....but not reason enough to use a different Bible. Thanks for your product.


I seriously love this App! I always have a bible handy and I can reference, search, note and send what I need when I need. Each update has made this app better and easier to use - kudos!

Easy to use - Great interface

I had been using another Bible reader on my old HP Pocket PC (remember those?) It was nowhere as easy to use as this one, especially with respect to searching and writing notes. The user interface on this app is intuitive, but even if you forget how to do things, or where stuff is, all you have to remember is how to get to settings and reset the tutorial (the stuff that shows up looking like hand written notes when you first display a page.) Then you get an instant refresher on how things work. Beauty! I liked my sons so much, I bought one of my own.


Easy to use in light or dark, intuitive, awesome


I like the bible,it is easy to read and understand .

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